How does it work?

As an enrolled mIQro Money member, you will have instant access to a mIQro Money Advance up to 10% of your average monthly credit & debit card processing volume up to a maximum of$3,000. That means that you can draw upon these funds as often as you need, at any time for any reason.

Do I have to switch my payment processing Company?

NO: mIQro Money works with many major processing platforms so in most cases we are able to work with your existing merchant services provider. If your processor has not yet been certified with mIQro Money, you may need to switch your payment processing in order to have instant access to your mIQro Money account. To find out if your Merchant Processor is supported by mIQro Money, please call (855) 496-4776.

If you want access to mIQro Money and your processor is not certified, we can recommend options including several of the largest payment processors that have been certified by mIQro Money.

How much does it cost?

mIQro Money has no application fees and simply charges a flat fee of 10% of any amount drawn. There is no surcharge for multiple transactions and you can borrow as often as needed, up to your available limit (10% of your average monthly credit and debit card volume with the maximum advance being $3,000).